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What I offer

  • Language classes in Spanish, English, French and German as a foreign language
  • Review of written exams and oral examinations
  • Translations
  • Consulting for intercultural communication
  • Linguistic supervision of projects

Language classes

Having a university degree for teaching Spanish and French in secondary school (so called "First State Examination") and an excellent knowledge of the English language I'm in the position to offer a wide range of services.


My offers are mainly aimed at schools or language institutes but at companies and individuals, too.

Particularly in Spanish, due to a very close relationship to Latin America I almost possess the proficiency of a native speaker. Over the years I accumulated a wide knowledge of cross-cultural issues and the varieties of the Spanish language which I can include effectively into my classes.

I have experience teaching students of almost all ages - from secondary levels to adults and even senior citizens - either in large groups, small groups or one-on-one.

Written and oral exams

Often smaller schools that employ only one teacher per language need outside help for written or oral exams. I would be pleased to assist you as secondary reviewer or co-examiner.


I translate your texts from or into any language I'm proficient in. Even specialised texts of medium or higher difficulty shouldn't pose problems. Unfortunately I'm not able to offer certified translations as I don't hold the necessary licence.

Intercultural communication

To communicate in a foreign language also means to communicate with a different culture. Existing cultural differences in various linguistic aspects can lead to - often serious - misunderstandings. This cultural component is still underestimated, even by major corporations.

Detailed studying of intercultural communication at university as well as years of personal and professional experience with cultural self-perception and perception of others has lead me to a profound understanding of cultural differences. That makes me a qualified partner for intercultural mediation or knowledge transfer, especially for - but not restricted to - Latin America.

Linguistic supervision

You need a project manager for a foreign language project? I have experience as project manager, particularly managing artists and ensembles. Being a fast learner I can quickly assess situations and understand underlying problems. Flexible and straightforward I would be able to manage your project or assist you as consultant.


If you are interested in references or if you need further information (e.g. CV/resume, degrees/certificates) please contact me.

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